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Secretarial Branch

Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporations have been established by the Government of Maharashtra under Section 3 of the Road Transport Corporations Act, 1950. Corporations within the meaning of section 22 of the Road Transport Corporations Act, 1950 Conducts its business on a commercial basis. The current RP Chairman, Vice Chairman and Managing Director and Board of Directors are as follows.

1 Hon. Chief Minister (Transport) Maharashtra State and Chairman, MSRT Corporation Hon'ble Mr. Eknath Shinde
2 Vice Chairman & Managing Director, MSRT Corporation Mr. Vivek Bhimanwar IAS
3 Administrative Director Shri.Parag Jain Nainutiya, IAS Principal Secretary, (Transport) Home Department, Government of Maharashtra and Director Ministry of MSRT Corporation, (Representative of State Govt.)
4 Administrative Director

Shri Vivek Bhimanwar, IAS

Commissioner of Transport, State of Maharashtra, Mumbai (Representative of State Government).

5 Administrative Director Mr. Satish Deshmukh, IAS

Labour Commissioner, State of Maharashtra, Mumbai (Representative of State Government).

6 Administrative Director Dr. Seema Sharma, I RTS

Chief Commercial Manager (P.S.)
Central Railway, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus Mumbai.(Representative of Central Govt.)

7 Administrative Director Mr. Paresh Kumar Goel, Indian Defense Service

Director (Transport)
New Delhi-110001 (Representative of Central Government)

MSRT Corporation Board Structure

Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation Act 1952 Section no. The Board of Directors of MSRT Corporation is constituted as per the provisions of 3. There is a provision to appoint a maximum of 17 directors on the Board of Directors and the appointment is made as follows.

  • 1 Chairman and 17 Designated Directors .
  • 3 directors are appointed through the central government and 14 directors are appointed through the state government.
    Details of 14 Directors to be appointed by the State Government are as follows.
  • 1) 1 Vice-Chairman and Managing Director,
  • 2) 2 Government Directors from the officer class of the State Government.
  • 3) 1 person in the field of Transport Management / Engineering / Economics, appointed through the State Govt.
  • 4) R.P. 2 Directors from among the representatives of the Corporation Labor Organizations appointed by the State Government.
  • 5) 8 Non-Government Directors who are persons having experience and adequate knowledge in the field of industry and finance appointed by the State Govt.
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