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Dr. Madhav Kusekar (I.A.S.)
Vice Chairman and Managing Director
MSRT Corporation

Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation is constantly striving to provide adequate, cost-effective, regular and efficient services to the people of the state. It is the only state transport corporation in the country to reach almost all the villages in the state of Maharashtra through its service. The Corporation is providing transport services to the people of the state through 247 bus stands and 578 bus stands located in talukas and important places.

In order to improve the quality of passenger service, the Corporation has implemented innovative schemes mainly in the design and colors of the buses. Varivatan buses with 2x2 seating arrangement, Nimaram buses with more comfortable seating arrangements are provided by the corporation. The number of air-conditioned buses to Shivneri has also been greatly increased to attract passengers. Apart from this, 32 seater midi buses have become popular in rural and remote areas and the number of these buses will be increased in the future. The corporation has decided to increase the lifespan of buses from 10 years to 8 years with the view of making the fleet more efficient and the implementation of this has started.

Travel oriented Annual Discount Card, Monthly Pass, Quarterly Pass, Travel Anywhere schemes are becoming popular day by day to attract passengers to state transport services as well as to compete with today's transport. Electric ticket issue machines will be used by all carriers in the state to issue tickets to passengers in the coming months. Also, the computerized reservation facility will be extended from about 215 important bus stations in the near future. "E-Ticket" facility has been made available from January 2010 for the convenience of passengers. The corporation has also provided the option of reservation through mobile phone to the passengers.

Corporation will continuously strive for cleanliness of buses, regularity of service, courteous behavior, accident free and safe service. A toll free telephone service has been made available on 1800 22 1250 for the guidance of passengers.

Corporation is committed to meet the needs of passengers. We hope that the corporation will continue to get the cooperation of all of us to provide cost-effective, goods and passenger transport services in the state. ST should travel only for safe and comfortable journey.

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