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What happens if I do not see /receive the ticket, however any Bank A/C / Credit /Debit Card is charged?
If you are not able to see / view the ticket, Please check the same under "My Ticket" is reflecting in the same. If not, then in case of debit to your Bank A/C, the money will be refunded back to you, within 7 working Days from the date of transaction / Processing of refund request. In case of debit to your Credit / Debit Card, the money will be refunded back to your card within 14 days from the date of transaction /Process in refund request. If you don’t receive the refund in the stipulated time, the passenger are requested to follow up with their respective bank /Credit/Debit Card issuing bank.
Can I allow to change the date, time of journey, name, gender, age, etc.?
Once you have booked your e-ticket, you will not be allowed to change the date and time of journey. You cannot replace the name, gender, age, etc. In such case you will have to cancel e-ticket first and re-book with the desired date, time, etc.
How refund of fare will be done in case of cancellation of e-ticket?
Refund of fare will be made through respective bank account only.No cash refund will be given to passengers. For cancellation of e-ticket submit e-ticket information on screen provided on the site.
How can I get refund of fare, in case of cancellation of bus service by MSRTC or change in bus service type i.e. Shivneri to Semi Luxury?
The refund of basic fare in case of change in bus service, cancellation of bus service, breakdown of bus service, fare difference due to fare cut will be made through respective bank A/c only and no cash refund will be given to passenger. For getting refund Passengers have to submit e-ticket print out to the Depot Manager of respective MSRTC Depot. Depot Manager will initiate the refund procedure with Payment Gateway company & the refund will be received by the passenger automatically with in a week. If not, mail details like "Transaction Id" as displayed on your e-ticket & date of submission of e-ticket to depot manager to &
Can I get refund of fare in case of non performance of journey?
No refund.
What are the cancellation charges applicable?
In case if e-ticket is cancelled within permissible time limit, 100% refund of basic fare will be refunded. Reservation charges and convenience charges including government service tax charge are non refundable.
Till when can I cancel my e-ticket?
You can cancel your e-ticket before 4 hours of scheduled departure time from origin OR before preparation of Reservation Chart, whichever is earlier with effective from 24th December, 2012. No refund (Zero refund) will be given after expiry of permissible period of cancellation. To cancel e-ticket, you need to Login, then go to 'My TICKETS' link on the left navigation bar, select ticket to be cancelled and click on 'Cancel' link.
Can I book concessional e-ticket?
Concessional fare ticket will be available only for senior citizen on e-ticket booking.The conductor will verify the photo identity which mentioned in the ticket. Concessional fare tickets can be booked at MSRTC bus stations or from any authorized booking agents.
I do not know the names of bus stations situated at big cities like Mumbai,Pune,etc. what can I do?
The system takes care of such problems, you have to enter the city name in “from stop” / “to stop” only. The Bus services departing from all bus stations in the city will be displayed.
How can I search Boarding (from stop) / Destination (to stop) name or code?
Please enter atleast THREE letters of bus station name or bus stop name in “from stop” / “to stop” field on screen and click the search button (symbol of magnifying glass). After this, view window will be pop up with matching bus station names & bus stops. You can select desired bus stop from this view window by clicking on the bus stop code.
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