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Statistics Branch


Management Information System (MIS)" is established to provide information of various operational performances to the management. Information is compiled at divisional, regional level & final compilation is done at Central Office, Mumbai.


Statistical Branch at Central Office, Mumbai is headed by Chief Statistical Officer . 3 Senior Statistical Officer , 31 Divisional Statistical Officer at division, 3 Statistical Officer at Central workshop & 3 Statistical Officer at Central office are working under him.


Basic documents from depots and associated documents from Traffic, Mechanical Engineering, Accounts, Personnel & Stores Department. are collected, scrutinized and complied to prepare various Statistical reports.


Parameter -

To measure operational efficiency of Traffic & Mechanical Engineering department, various performance indicators are taken into account and those are as under:

Traffic indicators- Route, Schedule, Effective Kilometre, Traffic Receipt, Earning per km. % Load Factor, Vehicle Utilization, Crew Utilization etc.

Mechanical Engineering Indicators - % Fleet Utilization, Rate of Breakdown, KPTL, KPL, Tyre consumption, Spring Consumption etc.

Analysis -

At division level depotwise basic information is collected & based on these information various analytical reports are submitted to Divisional Management for improvement in performance.

At Monitoring committee level Depotwise & Division wise various analytical report are submitted to 3 Committee Managements for improvement in performance.

At the Central level Depotwise , Divisionwise & Regionwise information is collected, complied and submitted to Central Management for decision making.

Depotwise, Divisionwise & Regionwise information analysis is made available to each unit by way of MSRTC's (GIS) based website as under:

1. Geographical Information System(GIS)

2. Graphical Reports

3. Vehicle Monitoring System

4. 20 Point and Budget

5. Daily Report

This information is useful for decision making. This system is updated perodically by units.

Statistics Department Circular

Annual Administration Report