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Secretarial Branch

The Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation is established by State Government of Maharashtra as per the provision in Section 3 of RTC Act 1950.
The M.S.R.T. Corporation is operating its services by the approved scheme of Road Transport Published vide Notification MVA 3173/ 30303-XIIA dated 29 of the official gazette of the State Government.
The area covered by the scheme is entire area of the State of Maharashtra. The undertaking is operating stage and contract carriage services in the entire area of Maharashtra except S.T. undertaking defined under Section 68A (b) of  M.V. Act and other exception published in the scheme.

The set up of M.S.R.T. Corporation is as under :

The Chairman, Vice Chairman &Managing Director and Directors of M.S.R.T. Corporation.

The present Chairman and Board of Directors are as under :

1 Hon'ble Chief Minister ( Transport ) Maharashtra State and Chairman M.S.R.T. Corporation Hon'ble Mr.Eknath Shinde
2 Vice Chairman and Managing Director M.S.R.T. Corporation Shri.Shekhar Channe, I.A.S.
3 State Government Official Director Shri. Parag Jain Nainutiya, I.A.S. Principal Secretary (Transport )  Home Department ,Government of Maharashtra and Director M.S.R.T. Corporation ( Represntative of State Government )
4 State Government Official Director Shri. Vivek Bhimanwar, I.A.S. Transport Commissioner, Maharashtra State,Mumbai ( Represntative of State Government )
5 State Government Official Director Shri. Satish Deshmukh, I.A.S. , Labour Commissioner, Maharashtra State,Mumbai ( Represntative of State Government )
6 Central Government Official Director Smt. Ity Pandey, I.R.T.S.,Chief Commercial Manager (PS), Central Railway, CSMT Mumbai ( Represntative of Central Government )
7 Central Government Official Director Shri. Paresh Kumar Goel, I.D.S. , Director ( Transport ) New Delhi ( Represntative of Central Government )


1) Standing Committee :
1 Chairman Chairman MSRTC
2 Member VC & MD MSRTC
C.S. Transport
Transport Commissioner
3 Secretary Secretary MSRTC
4 Member Financial Adviser & Chief Accounts Officer

Functions of Standing Committee :
(1)     Approval to constructions of MSRTC structures on various places.
(2)     Interstate operation extension and other allied matters thereof.
(3)     Approving power's of MSRTC units.
(4)     Restructuring of administration and Consideration of proposals thereof.
(5)     Stores inventory Reports and decisions instructions on these reports.
(6)     The work not covered in any other Committee of MSRTC.
(7)     Approving Audited expenses of Corporation prepared by Chief Account officer before submission to Corporation Board.
(8)   Supervision on implementation of various decision of Corporation Board.
(9)   Functions awarded by Corporation Board from time to time as under :

2) Tender and Store's Committee :

1 Chairman Chairman MSRTC
2 Member VC & MD MSRTC
C.S ( Transport )
Transport Comissioner
3 Secretary General Manager (S&P)
4 Jt.Secretary General Manager(ME)
5 Adviser Financial Adviser & Chief Accouts Officer

Functions of Tender & Store's Committee :
(1)     Verification's of Tender's in respect of -
(a)      Purchase of Capital and Revenue Stores and materials.
(b)     Approving Structural and other constructions within the approved limits of Corporation Board.
(c)      Consideration of disposal additional material and its system and approving its sale rates.

3) Production Operation and Personnel Welfare Committee :

1 Chairman Chairman MSRTC
2 Member VC & MD MSRTC
C.S Transport
Labour Commissioner
3 Secretary Chief Statistical Officer
4 Adviser Financial Adviser & Chief Accouts Officer

Functions of Production Operation & Personnel Welfare Committee :
(1)     Review of production efficiency schemes and performance review.
(2)     Review of services and it's rationalization for improving traffic earnings.
(3)     Review of preventive action taken on clandestine operations, pilferage.
(4)     Passenger amenities it's good continuation and care of.
(5)     Consideration of proposals employees' welfare scheme.
(6)     The matters relating to production, Traffic Operation and Personnel Welfare.
(7)     Deciding priorities of modernization and facilities in Central Workshops, consideration and verifications of proposals of Central Workshops in relation to huge investment, projects for-eg.  Need priorities, annual work load, present and investments previous and present production cost, business benefits, financial and Budget position, previous construction cost, Technical screening, comparison with other Corporation etc.

4)   S.B. Committee: (for recruitment for the post of officers and state cadre post in the Corporation).

1 Chairman Chairman MSRTC
2 Member VC & MD MSRTC

Transport Commissioner 

Labour Commissioner
Representative of Social Welfare Department
Representative of Tribal Project
3 Secretary

General Manager (P&IR)

Function of the S.T. services Board

(1)     Matters concerned with recruitment to the Class I & Class II sanctioned post.
(2)     Recruitment to the post coming under the state cadre for all the Class III.
(3)     To supervise the working of the sub committees for recruitment.

5) Negotiating Committee : 

1 Chairman VC & MD MSRTC
2 Members

Transport Commissioner

Labour Commissioner
3 Secretary Chief Labour Officer,
4 Adviser Financial Adviser & Chief Accouts Officer
General Manager (P&IR)

General Manager (Tr)

General Manager (ME)

6) Audit Sub Committee :
1 Chairman Vice Chairman & Managing Director
2 Member Financial Adviser & Chief Accouts Officer
3 Secretary Chief Internal Auditor

7) P.F./Gratuity Fund Sub Committee :

1 Chairman Vice Chairman & Managing Director
2 Trust's Secretary Financial Adviser & Chief Accounts Officer
3 Ex.Officio Trustee Members Secretary, MSRT Corporation

Labour Commissioner

Union Representative

8)Special Appellate Committee :

1 Chairman Chairman MSRTC
2 Secretary Transport Comissioner
Labour Commissioner

Sec.18 (RTC Act 1950) General duty of Corporation :
It shall be the general duty of a Corporation so to exercise its powers as progressively to provide, or secure or the provision of an efficient, adequate, economical and properly co-ordinate system of road transport services in the State or part of the State for which it is established any extended area;
Provided that nothing in this section shall be construed as imposing on a Corporation, either directly or indirectly, any form of duty or liability enforced proceedings before any court or tribunal to which it would not otherwise be subject.

Sec. 19 (RTC Act 1950) Powers of Corporation :
(1)     Subject to the provisions at this Act, a Corporation shall have power.
(a)   to operate road transport services in the State and in any extended     area ;
(b)   to provide for any ancillary service ;
(c)   to provide for its employees suitable conditions of service including fair wages establishment of provident fund, living accommodation, places for rest and recreation and other amenities ;
(d)   to authorise the issue of passes to its employees and other persons either free of cost or at concessional rates and on such conditions as it may deem fit so impose.
(e) to authorise the grant of refund in respect of unused tickets and concessional passes.
(2)     Subject to the provisions of this Act, the powers conferred by sub-sect (1) shall include power
(a)      to manufacture, purchase, maintain and repair rolling stock, vehicles, appliances, plant equipment or any other thing required for the purpose of any to the activities of the Corporation referred to in sub-section (1);
Explanation : In this clause the expression "manufacture" does not include the construction of the complete unit of a motor vehicle except for purposes of experiment or research ;
(b)     to acquire and hold such property both moveable and immovable as the Corporation may deem necessary for the purpose of any of the said activities and to lease, sell or otherwise transfer any property held by it ;
(c)      to prepare schemes for the acquisition of, and to acquire either by agreement or compulsorily in accordance with the law of acquisition for the time being in force in the  State concerned and with such procedure as may be prescribed, whether absolutely or for any period , the whole or any part of any undertaking of other person to the extent to which the activities thereof consist of the operation transport services in that State or in any extended area;
(d)     to purchase by agreement or to take on lease of under any form of tenancy any land and to erect thereon such buildings as may be necessary for the purpose of carrying on its undertaking ;
(e)      to authorize the disposal of scrap vehicles, old tyres, used oils, any other stores of scrap value or such other stores as may be declared to be obsolete in the prescribed manner ;
(f)      to enter into and perform all such contracts as may be necessary for the performance of its duties and the exercise of its powers under the Act,
(g)     to purchase vehicles of such type as may be suitable for use in the road transport services operated by the Corporation;
(h)     to purchase or otherwise secure by agreement vehicles, garages, sheds, office buildings, depots, land, workshops, equipment, tools, accessories to and spare part for vehicles, or any other article owned or possessed by the other of any other undertaking for use thereof by the Corporation for the purposes of its undertakings ;
(i)      to do anything for the purpose of advancing the skill of persons employed by the Corporation or the efficiency of the equipment of the Corporation or of  the manner in which that equipment is operated, including the provisions by the Corporation, and the assistance by the Corporation to others for the provision of facilities for training, education and research ;
(j)      to enter into and carry out agreements with any person carrying on business as a carrier of passengers or goods providing for the carriage of passengers or good on behalf of the Corporation by that other person at a through fare or freight ;
(k)     to provide facilities for the consignment, storage and delivery of goods ;
(l)      to enter into contracts for exhibition of posters and advertising board on and in the vehicles and premises of the Corporation and also for advertisement on tickets and other forms issued by the Corporation to the public ;
(m)    with the prior approval of the State Government to do all other things to facilitate the proper carrying on of the business of the Corporation.


(3)     Nothing in this section shall be constracued as authorising a Corporation, except with the previous approval of the State Government.
(i)      to manufacture or maintain anything which is not required directly or indirectly for use for the purpose of the undertaking of the Corporation or to repair store or  provide any service for, any vehicle which does not belong to the Corporation or is not used directly or indirectly for the purpose of its undertakings.
(ii)     to purchase any vehicle for the purpose of sale to another person ;
(iii)    to sell or supply to any person lubricants, spare parts, or equipment for a accessories to vehicles ;
(iv)    to let vehicles on hire for the carriage of passengers or goods except as expressly provided by or under this Act.
(4)     Except as otherwise provided by this Act nothing in the foregoing provisions shall be construed as authorizing the Corporation to disregard any law for the time being in force.
(5)     Where a Corporation acquires the whole or any part of an undertaking of any other person, the Corporation shall, in appointing its officers and other employee take in to consideration the claims of employees employed in that undertakings.
(6)     The provisions of this section shall not be construed as limiting any power of a Corporation conferred by or under any subsequent provision of this Act.


Sec.20 (RTC ACT 1950 )   Extension of the operation of the road transport service of a Corporation to areas within another State :

(1)     If a Corporation considers it to be expedient in the public interest to extend the operation of any of its road transport services to any route or area situated within another State, it may with the permission of the State Government, negotiate with the Government of the other State regarding the proposed extension.
(2)     If the Government of the other State approves the proposed extension, the Corporation shall prepare a scheme for the purpose and forward the same to the Government for its consent, and after such consent been received, the Corporation may, with the previous approval of the State Government, sanction the scheme.

(3)     After the scheme has been so sanctioned, it shall be competent for the Corporation to extend the operation of its road transport service to such route or area and operation of such service is so extended, the Corporation shall operate the service on that route or in that area subject to the provisions of  any law in force in the other route within which such route or area is situated.

(4)     The Corporation may, from time to time, alter or extend the scheme sanctioned under sub-section (2) by a supplementary scheme prepared and sanctioned in the provided in the foregoing provisions of this section.


Sec. 21 (RTC Act 1950) Carriage of mails :
Notwithstanding anything contained in the Motor vehicles Act, 1939 (IV of 1939), a Corporation shall, if so required Central Government, carry mails at such rates and on such terms and conditions as may be specified in this behalf by the Central Government in consultation with the State Government. To perform all above functions presently M.S.R.T.C. is working on 4 tier system i.e.

(1) Central Office: M.S.R.T. Corporation's Central Office is situated at Mumbai Central at " Maharashtra Vahatuk Bhavan", Dr. Anandrao Nair Marg, Mumbai 400008 in front of Mumbai Central Railway Station.

(2) Regional Offices : For operational and administrative supervision there are six Regional Offices -  (1) Mumbai,  (2) Pune, (3) Nashik, (4) Aurangabad, (5) Amravati , (6) Nagpur .

(3)     Divisional Offices : Almost,  it is at the District Head Quarter's. There are 31 Divisional Offices working under the Head of Divisional Controller,
(4)     Depots : Depot is operating unit, where buses are maintained/repaired and operated in the viscinity of Tahasil and outside areas. Depot is a generation centre of M.S.R.T. Corporation.  At present there are 250 depots situated at Tahasil places of the state.

The corporation has its Central Workshops situated at Dapodi, Aurangabad and  Nagpur.  The main work of these work should Body Building on new chasis,  engine reconditioning and reconditioning of vehicles. The Corporaitons also its  9 Tyre Retreading Plants at- Nashik, Ratnagiri, Jalgaon, Nanded, Latur, Pune, Kolhapur , Nagpur  and Amravati.  These plants are established  for retreading of tyres for vehicles of M.S.R.T.Corproation.