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OUR MOTTO : "Safe & Accident Free Bus Service"

  • खुशखबर : एस.टी.बसेस सुरु करण्यात आल्या आहेत.प्रवाशांनी आरक्षण करून लाभ घ्यावा.
  • रा.प. महामंडळाचे संकेतस्थळाचे (Website) वार्षिक देखभाल करण्यासाठी सेवापुरवठादार नेमणुक करण्यासाठी प्रस्ताव सादर करण्यास दिनांक २५-०८-२०२० , १७.०० पर्यंत मुदतवाढ देण्यात येत आहे.
  • For Technical Assistance ,Please Call 022-23053992
  • For any assistance/queries in respect of online reservation system contact our Call-Centre No. 1800221250

About us

MSRTC has mame a provision of appointing 1 Chairman and 17 Directors. Board of Directors consists of Vice Chairman and Managingn Director, 9 Directors, 3 Central and State Government Representatives and 2 Labour Representatives. One Non-Administrative and 5 Administrative Directors are appointed in present Board of Directors.

Board of Directors

1 Hon. Adv. Anil Parab Chairman, Minister of Transport
Govt of Maharashtra
2 Shri.Shekhar Channe (IAS) Vice Chairman and Managing Director
3 Shri.Aashish Kumar Singh (IAS) Director, Government Nominated, Principal Secretary.Transport & Home Department ,Maharashtra State Govt.
4 Shri.Shekhar Channe (IAS) Director, Government Nominated, Transport Commissioner, Maharashtra State
5 Shri. Dr.Mahendra Kalyankar (IAS) Director, Government Nominated, Labour Commissioner, Maharashtra State
6 Shri. Paresh Kumar Goel (IDS) Director (Transport),New Delhi
7 Shrimati Ity Pandey (IRTS) Director, Government Nominated, Chief Commerce Manager (P.S.) Central Railway