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Chairman Message

Chairman's Message


Hon'ble Mr.Eknath Shinde

Hon'ble Chief Minister (Transport ) Maharashtra State and Chairman M.S.R.T. Corporation

I am truly priviledged to address you on my taking over the Chairmanship of this esteemed Organisation. I am firm believer of hard work, constant pains taking efforts, giving moral value. Nothing is impossible in any situation, specially in these hard days through which MSRTC is going. I am sure and confident that by dint of pains taking efforts, moral strength, honesty and sincerity, we shall be able to come out of difficulties soon.

Travelling public being the main customer, the public amenities at bus stations, especially cleanliness, needs to be given high priority followed by punctuality. Another aspect to serve the public by providing public amenities is to avoid off road of vehicles. We should look at the Corporation as a "Family consisting of members like Drivers, Conductors and Mechanics through whom a well coordinated, punctual and safety should be given. This is high time that we come together and take the mission to repose the faith in travelling public. I am here to study the labour problems as well as constrainsts, this Organisation is facing and on understanding, wish to personally look into them for a better and long term solution. Making available adequate funds for infusion of new vehicles in the MSRTC fleet, labour settlement and providing basic infrastructural facilities is the need of the hour. For the purpose, I believe that your will power, sincerity and consistency will help provide excellent services to the travelling public and we will definitely succeed in achieving our goal.

I assure that I will take utmost care in not to cause any injustice to the employees as well as Officers of this Corporation. I am well aware that your containment will only achieve the desired goals of the MSRTC. I am also aware that it is you who sailed MSRTC out of financial crisis with sincere efforts and brought MSRTC to the new era of profit, for which, I personally appreciate you for this excellent job. The MSRTC caters to traffic needs of a large segment of society and ordinary as well as have-nots for a larger proportion of this segment and we have an opportunity to serve them honesty and sincerity. Thus, casting on us a responsibility to provide them excellent services. Let us work together with sense of responsibility of providing cleanliness punctuality safety and excellent services to the travelling public for bright future of the Corporation. Business runs on faith and abiding by this principle, success is sure. Let us strive hard combating all odds and I hope you will succeed in our endeavour. Hard work sincerity, consistency will alone bring in bright future. Introspection and confidence will help prevail over all. Let us start and step in with full faith for gaining confidence and faith reposed in us by travelling public and tread the path of achieving success bringing back glory the MSRTC had in the past.